Group Classes

AKC Fit Dog Class

This class is designed to inspire dog owners to engage in fun fitness related activities with their dogs while minimizing the risk of injury. Each week during class you will learn 1-2 new exercises with your dog using the Klimb and other equipment. This class is limited to 6 students and is 5 weeks long. Click the “Let’s Meet” button below for more info.
$260.00 includes a Blue-9 Klimb ( a $160.00 value)

K9 Fitness Board and Train Program

From Couch to Fit
3 week fitness board and train- Have a dog that you would like to see get in better shape but don’t know how to get there? Do you know your pup desperately needs to drop a few pounds but you just don’t know how to get them on the right track? We are here to help! This program is designed to help you get your dog on the right track for fitness. While they are with us, they will go swimming several times a week at DogMode where they will enjoy an indoor heated pool, learn to run on the DogTread treadmill, use K9 fitness equipment like the Blue-9 Klimb, FitPaws and more. Each board and train will include 2 hours of return home lessons ( split into two sessions) where we will show you simple exercises that you can go continue to work on with your dog. Your dog will be sent home with their very own Blue-9 Klimb for you to continue to use. This program is designed to help kick start your dogs fitness, however it is only 3 weeks so we will set you up with everything you need to be successful in helping your dog on their journey to fitness. Click the “Let’s Meet” button below for more info.

Cost-$1,800 includes a Blue-9 Kimb

Private Lessons- Want help creating a program for your dog? Need some help coming up with the proper exercises for your dog? During a private lesson we will evaluate your dog and show you exercises you can go home with. We will show you the proper techniques for exercising and avoiding injury.
Private Lesson Cost-$80.00 for 30 minutes